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Milton Optical is your one-stop shop for all of your eyewear product and service needs. We offer a wide array of glasses, lenses, and contact lenses to choose from.

We offer a full line of products and services designed to meet all of your eye care needs, and our expert technicians can answer any questions you might have.

Eyeglass frames – We have over 1,000 frames in stock at all times, including some of the most popular brands around, such as:


Jones New York

Eyeglass lenses – Everyone needs something different when it comes to lenses. We can fulfill just about every prescription, and we can provide you with bifocals, progressives, and coated, scratch-resistant, or featherweight lenses.

Sunglasses – If you need extra protection from the bright days of summer, Milton Optical is the place to go. No more choosing between squinting and seeing.  From regular sunglasses to prescription sunglasses, we have it all.

Sports glasses – Whether you are a swimmer, a shooter, or any other type of sportsman, you need to protect your eyes. At Milton Optical, we specialize in a wide range of sports glasses that are designed to provide comfortable, lightweight protection, without getting in the way of your ability to see.

Safety glasses – Protect your eyes when on the job with Milton Optical’s specialty line of safety glasses, designed to give you maximum range of vision while still protecting your eyes.

Contact lenses – Many people today prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses and Milton Optical has a wide range of contact lenses. Special orders can be filled in a matter of a few days, and mailed directly to your home.

SERENITY HEV  -  Clear Lens | Blue-Light Protection
Engineered to eliminate eye strain - Blocks harsh blue light and glare so you and your eyes can finally relax.

We also offer a number of specialty services, including eyeglass adjustment and fitting, contact lens fitting, and eyeglass repair.
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